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Bet me probability of SetMax broadcasting Sooryavansam is higher than Kohli hitting century. With repetitive content and disengaging entertainment is served we start to maintain distance from this idiot box. While movie channel start showing dubbed south Indian and Hollywood movie TV serials touched new lows with characters transforming into housefly. Surely we need to broaden our horizon to look for refreshing entertainment. While Netflix and hotstar entered into Indian market but still Youtube serves as biggest free entertainment source. Here I'm presenting before you most wittiest and sensible entertainment Youtube channels you need to subscribe to get healty does of fun and entertainment on regular basis for free.   

youtubeYoutube Channel List


TVF the viral fever is surely the poster boy for Hindi entertainment on Youtube. From parody of popular Bollywood movies and songs it takes sarcastic stand on media as well as Indian politics. In very small time it has amassed very loyal fan base that wait eagerly for new videos. It has released few very popular series like Permanent Roommate, TVF Pitcher, Making of… etc. Started by Arunabh Kumar (graduate IIT-Kgp) this production team boasts for its youth connects specially engineering junta.



All India Backchod is infamous for mocking famous Indian celebrity with Sachin and LataMangeskar as their latest victim. Last year their controversial roast anchored by Karan Johar along with Ranveersingh and ArjunKapoor put them on national media. But let me remind you, apart from mocking celebrities this group do some fantastic comedy and paradoy. Their Original content is very refreshing and witty. Mostly their content target educated young upper/middle class audience.



East India Comedy. When you have low budget and full of ideas, this group exactly fits well in this description. When bunch of jobless standup comedians come together and entertains you odds are you are watching EIC. Members of this group also organize Ghanta Award Indian version of Razzies Award.


Jay Hind! –

Presented by SumeetRaghvan this Political Satirical show makes you lol literally. Comedian Varun Grover was the lead writer for this show who is also famous for movie Masan. High on sarcasm this show is now not under production.

Jay hind!

The Satya Show –

A weekly show which take sarcastic take on current affairs. Some of its shows are highly liked and gone viral. Since this Youtube channel is solo endeavor the frequency and consistency is poor. But when it comes with a video be assure about its quality.

The Satya Show

Being Indian –

As it’s same (inspired by Being Human) its content is also inspired by current affairs. Apart from Youtube video this channel is also highly active on Facebook. Its series “Every XXXX in the world” is highly famous and amply shared on Social Networking Sites. This channel is also popular for its public opinion videos about many things from time to time.

Being Indian

Hollyshit –

This Youtube channel is famous for spoiling movies mainly Hindi movies. If you want to which popular Hindi songs are copied you should watch his episodes.


ShudhDesiEnding –

This Youtube channel is famous for making animated parody of famous Hindi movies. Sometimes these videos are much better than the original movies.

Shudh Desi Ending

Screen Patti –

This channel takes its unique stand on current affairs. Its DarupeCharcha is one of my favorite series on this channel hosted by Jitendra Kumar.

Screen Patti

Trouble Seeker Team –

If you are in Delhi and some pretty girl call you uncle don’t get startled. This may be the one of the prank of this group which come-up with some creative ideas and test it on public and share the video on Youtube.

Trouble Seeker Team


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