Hello Shiva

The festival of light is over. Hope you all enjoyed Diwali with you near and dear one. With all the sweets and gifts Diwali made you cheerful and spread smile all around. But still something that eludes you is ‘Rangoli”. No, not that girl named Rangoli who didn’t even acknowledge your existence. Its much more important (yeah girls are important but trust me this one is more important). The “Rangoli” I’m talking about is google Rangoli. Its not the result of google search Rangoli but one of the important parts of Google Pay’s Diwali scheme.

Google pay rangoli

This Diwali google pay started a scheme where you have to collect 5 items make payment using Google pay or you need to scan Diwali items, or you can send and receive gifts from friends. See told you Diwali is all about exchanging gifts. When things see so simple what is the problem? If you do a simple google search for Google pay Diwali scheme you will know what we are short of. And surprise-surprise its Rangoli. It seems google is playing an age-old trick to restricts the winners. I still remember when we were young Hajmola floated a similar scheme. In the euphoria of 2003 Cricket World Cup we need to collect 11 players name which was printed on the back of Hajmola wrapper. And you guessed it right we faced no difficulty collecting 10 names all we lacked was the 11th player. That 11th player was Partiv Patel so inconsequential but still so important. And in this Diwali scheme Rangoli is the Partiv Patel. We got tons of Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Lantern all we need is simply a Rangoli.
Why I’m sharing this here because after few attempts, I successfully secured a Rangoli all on my own. Wear with me because this is trial and error method and most of the time you will be unsuccessful but believe me the win will be much more satisfying. It will be more than worth of Rs. 250.

Trick 1. Trying adding money in your Paytm wallet using Google pay. You will get gifts and still you don’t have to spend a single cent.

Trick 2. Send money to friend who rarely uses Google pay. Google want to attract new virgin customers in this segment hence paying heavy if new or dormant customer make some payment. Find out such friends and try out your luck.

Trick 3. Scan Rangoli or other colorful Diwali items which you think other may not have used yet.

Even Google has acknowledge your problem and has extended the deadline to 11 November.

Wish you best of Luck in your journey to discover Rangoli.


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