Hello Shiva

About Us

HelloShiva is the website which covers topics that empower individuals with knowledge. We aim to provide the information that can enable you to make an informed decision. We try to cover topics ranging from politics, policy and entertainment, to sports, business and everything else that matters. We provide the fresh angle to the topics which convert hard topics into easy ones.

Our Team

Our team is mainly comprised of young technocrats based in Delhi. Being Internet nerds we take the stance on a wide range of topics available on the platform. We put our fresh perspectives to make things interesting and easy.


Our Motto

The vast majority of our content is freely given away at no charge. We are user-oriented site hence we believe in giving our user broad space to express their viewpoint without fear of censor. We let everyone enjoy their freedom of speech unless and until they breach the content policies.
We have no political religious affiliation what so ever and hence do not endorse any of them.
We always try to improve ourselves which can be achieved by your participation.

We will welcome if you spare some time to fill the feedback form.