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If you are playing a gig mid-tour in a distant town and your amp blows a tube. Or whether your guitar – which you were forced to check on an airplane against your will. If you need a last-minute replacement, then start texting friends, tweeting scouring, craigslist, and posting on Facebook to try renting music equipment from a friend or anyone who is known. Whether you’re renting music equipment through an online marketplace. Here’re 5 most important tips for sharing and renting music equipment.

5 Essential Tips for Sharing & Renting Music Equipment

How to rent or share music gear?

See the other person and trust your gut –

If you’re the owner, get a sense of the person you’re renting or loaning your gear to. Also, if you’re doing it via Craigslist then get a copy of their ID or some other form of security. Even more important, get some basic info about what their plans are for your gear (and make sure you’re cool with it). Your workhorse Marshall amp might be perfect for a hard rock show at a bar downtown. With marketplaces, you also have some more selection, so you don’t have to take the first option that comes your way.

Check out the gear thoroughly

Just like you would take a walk around a rental car to make sure there isn’t any damage before you pick it up. Do the same thing with the gear. It is helpful for both sides of the transaction. Don’t hesitate to take some clicks so you can remember the condition of the items before the handoff, regardless of it it’s pretty or had a rough life on the road. If the renderer has insurance for the show or a general policy that may cover the damage or loss. If the owner has taken a security deposit, you can use funds from that or figure out the cost owed and shell out the cash.

Treat the gear as if it’s your own

The tip applies to the borrower/renter specifically. You’re using someone else’s gear; they love this gear and have memories with it. They’ve toured with it, written songs about breakups on it, or used it to record their first album. Treat it with respect, just like you treat your gear or would make your gear to be treated by someone else.

Always be professional when renting music equipment

Despite being a friend doing you a favor, handle the transaction like you take the other aspect of your career with courtesy and professionalism. It means communicating with the other person about expectations, sticking to the pickup and drop-off durations, and being courteous or respectful of their times. If you’re letting someone borrow or rent your gear, be straightforward about your expectation and be prepared when they arrive. Being prepared also can help make sure the experience goes smoothly. This is an easy way for the person to do an inventory check when they pack up at the end of the day.

Don’t be afraid while making a connection

If you are renting from a peer or someone else in your musical community. One never knows who they are, where they’ve been, who they know and played with for a long time. Moreover, if you’re renting out your gear to a musician from out of town and you just made a strong connection in a foreign city where you might be willing to play someday. Don’t be shy to make some small talk, geek out about the gear and share some anecdotes about your life on the road or your band. If the other person isn’t receptive, you’ll know quickly and move on.

Wrapping up –

Hopefully, these 5 essential tips will help you have a smooth and successful experience renting from another musician. If there are rental needs and looking for someone to rent from, then don’t forget to check out Power Pak. If it is not available on the site then Power Pak will find the items for you. If you’re the owner of an instrument or any musical gear and willing to make some extra cash renting it out.


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