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Clicking candidShots and photos are an integral part of every event whether it is a personal or corporate event. Without clicking some natural shots no event can be said completed. So, keeping up the spirit of clicking photos, several trends appear and vanish in the context of photos. Previously people were much involved in hiring a professional photographer to make their event or party successful. These days hiring a photo booth agency is in vogue to cater to the specific needs of the people. A photo booth provides the option of carrying the photo prints at home and these can be shared at the social media as well. So, hiring a photo booth is not a bad option at all. If you are a resident of Singapore, then there are a lot of agencies that provide the services of the photo booth in Singapore. All you need to do is to research well and hire an apt agency after that.

photo booth in sangapore

Why should one use photo booths?

Photo booths are one of the most sought-after options for different clients. You will require the installation of photo booths for the several reasons:

  • If you want to gift your guests keep sake for the memories of the event then the photo booth is a grand option.
  • For getting photos of excellent qualities you can choose a photo booth.
  • To ensure budget-friendly clicking of photos of all the guests.
  • To incorporate several fun elements in your party.
  • Photo booth installation is quite essential if you want all guests to mingle with each other.

Are you a resident of Singapore and are looking for the photo booth in Singapore? If yes, then from the myriad of options available. CandidShots is a one-stop destination that can satisfy your urge regarding a qualitative photo booth destination.

Ice Cream Live Station:

You are very fond of different varieties of ice cream and crave very much for licking different varieties of ice-creams. Various ice-cream scoops, ice-cream rolls tempt you towards themselves and you want to satiate your desire for ice-cream and save your time as well. If you want to save your time as well and want to take benefits of the multiple varieties of ice-cream flavors then ice-cream live station is the one-stop destination for you.

Benefits of Ice-Cream Live Station:

  • You can satisfy your craving of ice-cream by having unique ice-cream under one roof.
  • To save your precious time you can choose ice-cream live station.
  • For tasting myriad of options and varieties of ice-cream.
  • To ensure qualitative client servicing and to have an enriching experience.

Thus, these are certain benefits of an ice-cream live station.

Do you live in Singapore and are hunting for ice-cream live station in Singapore? If yes, then CandidShots can be your foremost choice in this regard.


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