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Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Scope after M. Tech and where all an M. Tech is preferred over B. Tech
  • Ways of completing an M. Tech in India and creating an edge over others
  • M. Tech at Bennett University


Technology plays a very vital role when it comes to our day-to-day life. We are so dependent on technology that if the power goes off for 5 minutes, we don’t know what to do. This is one of the major reasons why engineering is one of the most widely chosen domains for under graduation. Engineers are demanded in all sectors and with the increased automation and contactless processes everywhere more and more tech graduates and postgraduates are in demand.

M. Tech in India definitely has more to offer you in terms of job offers as compared to a B. Tech. It is a 2-year program and if done by reputed colleges is sure to give good returns. Doing an M. Tech is only going to add to the existing skill sets. There are colleges that offer M. Tech programs for working professionals, wherein you can do this program along with the job that you are pursuing.

A M. Tech degree can make you a technocrat who innovates new technical equipment to make life easier and simpler. Bennett University is a college that is backed by the Times Group and offers a plethora of programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate including PhDs. The school of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Bennett University has the most updated industry-integrated course structure. The students at Bennett learn by doing and that is how they become industry ready before they join one.

Scope after M. Tech and where all an M. Tech is preferred over B. Tech

M. Tech in India offers an abundance of job opportunities. For example, if a company visits a college to hire a computer science engineer. At that moment when an M. Tech in the same domain appears with an extra 2 years of studies, he is sure to get an upper hand. The organizations understand the value of the extra efforts put in by the students and thus offer better packages and profiles.

Let us list down some of the areas where M. Tech is given a preference over other graduates:

  • Research and Development department of MNCs – This department hires postgraduates in engineering – With the increase in innovation, research and development careers are making way for fresh career options for postgraduates. An M. Tech degree offers you a promising career owing to the immense proliferation of scientific and technological research institutions. These institutions hire postgraduates and PhD degree holders. These institutions are funded by both government and private agencies so that they can hire the best brains in the country.
  • PSUs hire postgraduates – PSUs hire postgraduate engineers very readily. There are ample opportunities in the central and state government for postgraduate students. Engineers always worry about the job opportunities after M. Tech, but needless to say that government institutions are always keen on them. PSUs hire M. Tech students on the following designations:
    • Assistant Engineer
    • Chief Engineer
    • Director of Public Works
    • Development and Test Engineer
    • Electrical Product Design Engineer
    • Executive Engineer
    • Independent Consultant
    • Engineering Technologist
    • Product Development Engineer
    • Verification Engineer
    • Junior Engineer
    • Mechanical Design Engineer
    • Registered Engineering Technician
  • Research-oriented organizations hire master’s degree engineers – Research and development is a field that hires master’s students. R&D is the future of India. Almost all government, non-government & private companies prefer M. Techs over B. Techs. Some of the research-oriented organizations are listed below:
    • Aeronautical Firms
    • Chemical Industries
    • Consultancy Firms
    • Defence Services
    • Hospitals
    • Power Plants
    • Quality Testing Laboratories
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Teaching Institutions
    • Electronics Manufacturers
    • Automobile Industries
    • Software Design Companies
    • Space Research Organisations

Ways of completing an M. Tech in India and creating an edge over others

Sometimes students don’t pursue a master’s degree thinking that they will have to quit their existing jobs. Let me tell you that the times have gone. For a person who wants to study, the sky’s the limit. Schools and colleges are constantly coming up with ways to offer hassle-free higher education. Now there are ways that will help you get a degree without losing your current job.

  • Part-time MTech – this is an excellent option for the B. Tech graduates who are confused if they should start working or go for higher studies. They can go for part-time M. Tech programs through distance learning. Such programs offer you quality education from the comfort of your location. These classes also provide necessary study material, online sessions as well as weekend classes.
  • Executive MTech – More and more institutes are adding this to their academic curriculum. It is generally a 1-year program that attracts executives. M. Tech for working professionals is designed in a manner so as to make the professionals quickly finish the degree course. Some of the IITs have also started offering this program.
  • Weekend Programs – These programs offer classes on Saturdays and Sundays, making it easy for working people to catch up with their studies along with work. Such programs help professionals pursue their studies and also carry out their work responsibilities.

M. Tech at Bennett University

Bennett University is one of the best colleges for M. Tech in India. It offers an advanced engineering program. The school of engineering and applied sciences at Bennett University is ranked as the 2nd best-emerging institute by Times Engineering 2022. The curriculum is forward-looking and makes sure that the students are well equipped with the nuances of engineering before they actually step into the industry. Bennett is committed to developing global, multi-cultural & multifaceted engineers, who can be absorbed across borders. This is demonstrated by our curriculum and in the staff, faculty, and students they are striving to attract.

The M. Tech program aims at inculcating qualities like the understanding of the fundamentals of science & technology, acquiring problem-solving skills, and constantly learning multidisciplinary concepts. The college offers a very high academic standard and cutting-edge technology. Some of the features of the M. Tech program at Bennett are:

  • Industry-oriented specializations
  • State-of-the-art research
  • Industry- academic collaborations
  • Custom made degree
  • Start-up culture
  • Learning by doing approach