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Madamji Behanji Didi & Amma

Many female politicians have adorned high power positions in state and center but few have made their destiny by their own hands. Indra Gandhi the first female PM and Prathibha Patil the first female President have shown that females in India can achieve anything and nothing is impossible. But most of the female politicians are either use nepotism to reach chair of power or are given away (pity) by male counterparts. Very few have shown guts like these four Iron Ladies.

women empowerment in Indian politics

Madamji (Sonia Gandhi)

Indira Gandhi may have been first female prime minister of our country but her critic often labels her initial rise as nepotism. Being daughter of PM had surely helped her to vouch for top post.

But unlike her mother-in-law Sonia did not started her political career under guidance of experienced family member. Even after watching her mother-in-law and husband dying due to politics she did not run away from politics. After staying away from politics she entered politics when her party members requested her to take command and guide them to power. She stumbled in her initial journey (1999) but her shear will power helped her to win majority (2004). She treaded her way from Bahu of first family (Nehru-Gandhi) of politics to Madamji of grand-old party (Congress). May be this time her political opponents have strangled her in August wastland chopper scam but looking at her past record it is quite clear that she would emerge victorious with flying colours.

Sonia Gandhi

Behanji (Mayabati)

She may be notoriously known for building stone statues of herself and her mentor but you could not discredit her for building her own space in this male dominated politics. Born in a Dalit family did not stop her from reaching CM post. Mentored by Kanshiram, she achieved the success which her mentor could only think of. Her true loyalist hails her as liberator and heir of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and thus bestowed her with enormous power. On the individualistic level she was the most powerful person even more that Mulayam Singh (the heavyweight of UP politics) back in 2007. She steered BSP from small regional party to one of the five national political parties. Even though at present her party has no representative in Lower House (LokSabha) but this did not stop her from enjoying the vast power entrusted to her.


Didi (Mamata Banerjee)

If you know why Tata fled Singur and established his dream project in Gujrat, you would have very clear understanding of political power of Mamta Banarjee aka Didi as known in political circle. She is the reason behind fall of communist reign in Bengal. What other heavyweights could not do in 30 years she did it with successfully and looking for continuing it. Heading Trinamool Congress with iron grip and fierce attack over communist for all or any reason, she gives the glimpse of One Woman Show in Bengal. Didi again Chief Minister of Weat Bengal

Didi-Mamata Banerjee

Amma (Jayalalithaa)

The transformation from sweet innocent silver screen Jayalalithaa to Purctchi Thalaivi(the Revolutionary Leader) is not anything less than a masala movie plot. Introduced in politics by legendary actor turned politician MGR which she contradicts, as according to her she is the one responsible for her political career. After the demise of MGR she filled the power vacuum by proclaiming herself as MGR’s political heir. After coming to power she stunned the world by her strong will power and helped her party AIDMK to comeback in power. Even though strangled in asset disproportionate case she did not lost command over party. Looking at her proxy CM’s conduct and his loyalty towards her, no one can question the power this Iron Lady. In the recent concluded election she may not come back to power but nothing can cast doubt over her powerful image of epitome of women empowerment. Amma again Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu


There are other popular lady politicians commanding respect but their personality lack charisma of strong leader. This list includes names like Susmaji, Nirmala Sitharaman, Mira Kumari, Sumitra mahajan and  Dimple Yadav. These leaders always looking for blessing from their seniors instead of making mark for themselves.


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