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Method of modifying and evolving through technology. A tool of modern world which is redefining the Gaming, Education, Engineering and Medical sciences.

Image credit – Vizexperts – virtual reality company

How Virtual Reality Works !

We attain the virtual reality multiple arrangements based on the intensity of requirement. It has 

3 major components.

 First  is Hardware, appliances which we can touch and feel. 

Second Operating System which enables Hardware to run as per our needs. 

Third one is the VR Content that are 3D graphics of the subject we want to study. 

We adjust among the configuration as per the quality and depth we need in the subject.

Where to use VR and AR?

At major users are of 3 types  the observer, user/reviewer or designer (at very basic level). 

The need of the observer could be met through the visual impairment Like HTC Vive, Occulus, HP Mixed Reality, 3D Glasses and projection system, etc. Just like a walk through videos in  which user cannot make any changes in the content.

User need some actions to interact with the content presented to them. For which they need a interface which allow them to interact with the content and make necessary actions in it. Like VR Games available in the market eg.  Tilt Brush, Batman: Arkham VR , Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (source cnet), Codevein, Noita, Risk of Rains, Infinity: Battlescape,Destiny (source: steam powered).Configurations Like HTC Vive, Occulus, HP Mixed Reality, Projection system with 3D Glasses and Joystick/wand etc.

Reviewer/User of the content are the model designer in the industries of aerospace, automobile, automation, robotics, other engineering sectors. Who ever working in the manufacturing sectors need to review their products on multiple parameter which is possible through VR Labs which allow them to interact with different parts of the product through VR enabled 3D Models. Softwares from different OEMs are available in the market eg. Fusion 360, IRIS VR, VIRTALIS, Flying Shapes, eyecadVR.

Designer or creator of VR : In physical world our engineer build the structures. Designing softwares has given them tool to do all the designing in the CAD software which revolutionised Digital Transformation in this area. CAD Softwares makes sketches and drawings representation 3D enabled. VR Software visualise 3D CAD files (drawing) in the 1:1 scale through Virtual Reality Applications. Which is virtual prototyping of the CAD Designs with in the VR System.

Forms of VR : VR, AR, MR
Virtual Reality [VR] :

Discussed in detail as its the basic of our tools to enhance our vision and objectivity of deeper understanding. https://www.helloshiva.com/virtual-reality-whats-this-technology/

Augmented Reality [AR]:

Augmented reality technology is the method by which the virtual prototype model acts as a real world object. Seen in many movies where person is doing the teleconferencing and there digital prototype is present,as if they are physically present at the same location. eg. Total Recall, Avenger, star wars, etc.  Augmented Reality is at its evolving stage currently. Augmented reality has made its niche in immersive demonstrations of the objects which is not easily accessible to humans eg. mechanical processes, network connections. Ref. Seen in the movie Iron Man, Where human brain function was discussed.

Mixed Reality [MR]

Mixed Reality Technology is truely a Sci-fi thing in the current scenario. Some complex tools has given us the glimpse of it. When our metadata or virtual data interacts with the physical world and give the complete picture of the object. Some scientists are working on the technology where a eye lense will be connected to internet. That eye lens can access all details from web and show it to you only in the realtime. That is still under development but our armies are using similar technology which is hand held by them in there weapons. Which acts in a way that give them the complete details of the mission on the see through screen. That includes Maps, artilaries of the enemies, x-ray vision, night vision all in single screen without tempering the view or reality. As a tool we need to learn more about the Technologies through mixed form of Virtual Reality