Hello Shiva

Now-a-days we are hearing as lot about Digital Transformation through various AR VR Applications.  Augmented Reality[AR] and Virtual Reality[VR]

What are these? How virtual reality work?

As a human our curiosity has take us a long way from apes to humans. We have attain the understanding of surrounding through our sense. We believe the things, which are accessible to our sense, are real. That is the concept of Reality.
Evolution has blessed Humans with a capability of imagination. Which leads us to dream and learn things, which are not physically accessible to us. Those thoughts and philosophy is virtual to who cannot access it.

But Technology has enabled us to feel things before it actually manifest into reality. Virtual Reality services us to perform many task with the aid of VR Gadgets and VR Applications.  That integration of VR Software and VR Hardware is coined as Virtual Reality world. Virtual Reality world in which we can see and access a Three Dimensional 3D Object like its in front of us. To give the sensation of motion and general physics law to be experienced, single or multiple VR Hardware configurations made as per need and purpose of VR setup. Hardware like  headsets, omni-directional treadmills and special gloves.

As always innovative minds face difficulties in working with existing systems. It is also not easy to attain the 100% immersive experience through existing Virtual Reality Software. Just having a walk overloads our sensory so we miss details we pass by, if any obstacle comes we just pass it like jiffy. Our brain gets stimulated with the sensory data received through our sensors evolved through Evolution.

What Virtual Reality Does?

Through ages we are developing tools and techniques which makes our work easy, interesting and hence accuracy. From sundial to Digital Clock, Digital clocks to Calulators and now crypto currency. Technology is changing us by different ways. In same way, Virtual Reality has taken a leap into Entertainment, Manufacturing, Education, Health and Medical, Arts, Sports and Culture.

It provide highly immersive content that stimulated human mind with information so it can be observed, learned and corrected with more accuracy. Without damaging the physical world for inspection.

What are drawbacks of Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a concept which technology is fostering. Currently Virtual Reality is in its infant stage it is limit to the systems. As the Technology it is growing and adapting with our physical world to create the augmented reality [AV]. Some limitations are there based on the content development and hardware currently available. It depends on the use of the technology what will be the results.


Virtual Reality is part of Humans from the ages but it seems possible to share and experience with other through Digital Tranformation with the help of VR Gear, VR Gadgets, VR Software and VR Services.