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People always talk about getting leaner and losing weight. They do not think of getting fitter at any point. It should be the target of everyone to stay fit, shiny and beautiful! Lots of people search the ways of losing weight within few days or a month or so! But there is a good amount of people available who want to gain weight to look good! Well, gaining weight doesn’t mean you will look like a mammoth! It means you are toned, fit, healthy and away from any sort of disease or physical problems! So let’s know the natural ways of gaining weight without getting fat!

Double up your serving amount

You can double up your servings. Suppose you take 700 calories a day and still you are lean and pale and you sincerely want to gain weight! For that you need to double up your food intake. You have to take more carbohydrates a day than you used to do it before. Protein shakes are very good for the people who want to gain weight. A toned body is always a fit body and remember, you do not need to put on fat! You need to gain some more weight to look good and stay healthy. You need to calculate the amount of fat that your body burns each day at the gym! You have to intake more than that only! You need to follow healthy diet for weight gain!

Visit a dietician for better lifestyle

Change your lifestyle! You have to cling to a healthy life style. So it is better for you to visit a dietician and check your body mass index or BMI. Now ask the doctor to prepare a healthy diet for weight gain according to your body! The doctor will tell you the easiest and healthiest ways of gaining weight. But remember, you must not gain excess belly fat. You need to make sure that your protein intake is good. You need to consume more meat, eggs, milk, fish, soybean etc. You must have high protein content food but at the same time, the dietician must pass the amount of protein your are having as protein is the building block of the muscles of your body and thus a good quantity of protein will help you to gain weight!

Try weight lifting and core training

You can skip water before a meal and you need to increase the amount of servings a day! The more you intake the quicker you start gaining weight. You can try weight lifting and physical training for this. You need to eat your protein first and after that you can have other things of your plate.

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Summary: gaining weight without gaining unwanted fat is not an easy task and you need to follow some proper ways to achieve your target!


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