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This article is very helpful for all the people who are suffering from a problem of Hairfall. Hair Fall is the vast growing problem among male and female both. Hair Fall is the problem of the disappearance of hairline due to genetic factors, lifestyle changes, bad food habits, and pollution.

Lots of people are searching for a hair fall solution every day, but all of them fail somewhere because of inappropriate solutions. Improper health and bad food habits are the important factor which somewhere affects the hair growth and restricts our hair follicle to regrow hair after hair fall.

If once hair falls, then Hair Transplant Surgery is the only solution left. Hair Transplant Surgery is very common nowadays. As day by day, there is an increasing population of a bald head and a continuous rise in Hair Transplant Surgery. Hair Transplant Surgery gives you a permanent solution to get hair back. If, anybody looking for a permanent solution, then, he/she must choose Hair Transplant Surgery with well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. 

Hair Transplant Surgery involves two types of techniques to get the surgery done. Both techniques are efficient and effective in their own way.

FUE and FUT are Hair Transplant techniques through which the patient can get hair back.

FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) refers to the technique where each and every hair follicle is extracted with the use of surgery tool and then implants on the bald head. This technique is useful for those patients who are looking for fewer hair follicles.

FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) refers to the technique where the marked hair strip is taken and each hair follicles are extracted separately from the strip by the whole team and further implanted to the bald head. This technique is more useful as it is more scar-less and easy to collect more follicles in less time.

If anyone is looking for more hair follicles, then a combination of both FUT and FUE techniques can also be executed. The combination technique is helpful for the patient who is looking for more than 6000 hair follicles because it is difficult to collect this much hair follicles with a single technique, this is why the combination of FUE and FUT Hair Transplant technique is executed.

These are some basic and necessary facts that one should be aware of regarding Hair Transplant.

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