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Breast Reduction is becoming one the commonly opted surgery nowadays due to various problems women have to face due to proportionately large breasts as compared to their body size.

No doubt, breasts are attractive and well proportioned, tight and fuller breasts grabs everyone’s attention but they can cause many other physical and psychological problems with women thus making many women opt for a reduction.

  • Large breasts cause body aches:- Women with extremely large breasts face chest, back, shoulder and neck pains due to excess weight they have been carrying due to their enormous breasts.
  • Difficult to fit inside clothing:- Women with large breasts find it extremely difficult to find a variety of clothing to fit in, most wonderful dresses are made in specific sizes considering mass population and women with out of proportion large breasts sizes are sometimes ignored. Thus the agony on compromising on clothing and bear with uncomfortable fittings.
  • Discomfort in movement: – Large breasts make it difficult and embarrassing to maneuver and provide certain movements while doing normal chores like bending, twisting and lifting objects.
  • Difficulty and embarrassment while exercising:- It’s difficult to find comfortable and sturdy sports bras for extremely large breasts thus exercising becomes a difficult and embarrassing feat.
  • Unwanted attention: – Many women won’t like unwanted attention and being gossiped about due to the size of their breasts. In addition your women friends and co-workers will be jealous of you all the time.
  • Rashes:- Excess weight on bra and straps give rashes to shoulders and lower breasts thus causing irritability and discomfort.
  • Lower Self body image:- Due to the above associated problems women build a negative body image about their own self thus leading to low confidence and self esteem.
  • Sagging Breasts:- Large breasts tend to sag more often with ageing and sagging breasts look unattractive to most people.

If you are facing any of the above problems you should seek consultation with a reputed plastic surgeon near your area for a breast reduction procedure.

If performed by a reputed surgeon who is well qualified, experienced and doing breast reduction surgeries on regular basis, you can have excess fat on your breast successfully removed with minimal side effects and post operative downtime due to recovery.

You can have smaller, beautiful, youthful and more manageable natural looking breasts with no visible scarring and post operative trauma well within your budget.

95.5 percent of women who have undergone breast reduction surgery feel that it’s the best decision they had made in their lives.

Women after reduction mammoplasty feel more youthful, energetic and wonderful about themselves. Google for “breast reduction near me” and check website, infrastructure and reviews of the doctor before consulting him for breast reduction. Check for before and after photos, awards, qualifications of the surgeon and positive testimonials along with his hospital or clinic infrastructure. Once you are convinced visit the doctor and share your problems and goals and ask for potential side effects, pre and post surgery precautions, surgical process and its efficacy and what to expect after the operation.

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