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Christmas!!! Are you celebrating Christ’s birthday?

On coming 25th December we all would be immersed in Christmas celebration.


Jesus Christ Son of God was on this day and hence the important day to celebrate. But are we sure Jesus Christ was born on 25th December. Let’s unwrap the mystery!

Jesus was born way back in history. No one can claim with certainty that on which day He was born. Since no date is mentioned in Bible the most Holy Book of Christians. Let alone the date century in which Jesus was born is also under scanner as not consent can be reached by historians. You might be surprised to know that instead of 1AD Jesus was born somewhere between 2BC and 7BC.

So, when is the first recorded history of Christmas celebration? According to some historians, Roman Emperor Constantine started the celebration of Christmas on 25th December in year 336 AD. Following this Pope Julius I being the highest authority in Christianity officially declared that 25th December is celebrated as Birth of Jesus Christ.


25th December was celebrated according to Julian calendar (named after Julius Caesar). But today most of the world follow Gregorian calendar (named after Pope Gregory XIII). This change in calendar resulted in the loss of days and hence you may surprise to find people across the world celebrating Christmas on many different dates. Many Orthodox and Coptic Churches celebrate Christmas on 7th January. Armenian Apostolic Church Celebrate Christmas on 6th January. Similarly, some people in the UK celebrate old Christmas on 6th January as changing of the calendar from Julian to Gregorian lost 11 days.

Today Christmas is celebrated by all whether Christian or not. So the question whether Jesus was born on this day or not simply lost its meaning. In the modern era it is sort of commercial festival than the religious festival, hence, the birthday of Jesus does not matter much.

Here are the reasons “Why you should celebrate Christmas?”

Santa Claus

Being a non-Christian what I like most about Christmas is not Jesus but Santa Claus. His red suit, pointy cap and a bag full of gifts can make anyone fall for him. Santa Claus is the character developed by Saint Nicholas and Rupercht. Santa Claus is the reason Christmas turned into the commercial festival and for this, we should thank Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola gave Santa Claus its world famous appearance. Make a wish, maybe Santa fulfills it.

Christmas Tree

Most exciting thing about Christmas is decorating a fir tree with light chocolate and gifts. It is surprising to know that concept of Christmas tree is o-Christian. In ancient roman culture, branches of fir tree were brought to home to keep away the evil spirit.


Child Christ

Child Christ is the most adorable thing which I liked most when I was young.

Sir Isaac Newton

Being a Newtonian Christmas is more of the birthday of Newton than the birthday of Christ. Be it Action Reaction principle or Gravitation or be it Calculus I always loved it.   Newton is the most loved scientist and he is the main reason I celebrate Christmas. I always put the small bust of him on my Christmas tree as Sheldon Cooper (of The Big Bang Theory) used to do it.

Preparation of New Year

Christmas is the good time to bid goodbye to existing year. 5 days are enough to prepare for New Year party with your family and friends. You can buy new clothes, gifts for friends and relatives, and what not. Let’s celebrate the jolly mood for one week.

These are my list of reasons to celebrate Christmas.

What’s yours!!!


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