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Off to India this season of celebrations and yoga is your motivation? Here are 5 most important things to know to navigate your way smoothly through the land of many colors which is India, and get the most out of yoga:

Particular Yoga Types are a Localized Specialty in India

India is the motherland of the great art of yoga. Before it set a trend among fitness aware denizens in the West, it originated and evolved in India in many different forms. Yoga in the context of India is actually an umbrella term, under which a number of different traditions have flourished. Each has its own school of philosophy, particular codes of conduct, both moral and ethical, as well as technical for extensive practice.

Yoga Center

In India, particular yoga thoughts have developed with respect to a place. For example, one of the oldest schools—Ashtanga, flourished in Mysore. The “Mysore style” is a distinct form with its roots in ancient Ashtanga principles and appropriated by K. Pattabhi Jois, in the modern age. Plan an itinerary covering sites across India which is renowned for particular yoga types.

In India Not All Airport Transfer Options are Reliable

The first rule of travelling safe in India is to be choosy about your medium of transfer. For a more comfortable travelling experience, avoid public transport. Hired services are always better only for a slightly higher cost.

If you are going for a yoga sojourn at one of the yoga training schools in India, make sure to ask them for an airport transfer. Most acclaimed yoga training institutes avail taxi pickup to and from the airport at affordable rates. On prior notice, these transfers would be arranged conveniently.

India Hosts Interesting Yoga Programs in Combination

Yoga is not the only specialty of this land of ancient wisdom. Ayurveda, the science of healing and wellness with herbal cure, is also an acclaimed discipline with wide acclaim world over. You can get plenty of gifts from this tradition in the state of Kerala in the southern stretches of India. The seaside town of Varkala in Kerala, hosts interesting yoga training programs with aspects of Ayurveda on the side. Mark Kerala in bold in the map of your yoga itinerary of India.  This is the place to be for complete health rejuvenation and peace of body, mind, and soul.

India can be Strictly Vegetarian

India is a land of many cultures. Travelling far and wide in this land of variety will gain you an insight in different religious and social traditions. Some aspects of these traditions could be very enjoyable, while other, overwhelming. Some of the major yoga hotspots on your yoga itinerary of India this New Year might have customs, not flattering for your personal habit. For example, the world yoga capital, Rishikesh follows a complete vegetarian diet. On the brighter side, certain restrain and adjustment in your practices will help your yoga goals.

Vegan is an Option Hard to Get

As goes the above point about certain Indian customs which could be disagreeable to your ways, this one is about the limited availability of Vegan food. Followers of alternate lifestyle often take to veganism for health sustenance. Among its dietary no-nos, Veganism considers milk as unhealthy. This could be tricky for a vegan in India, as in most parts, the country’s cuisines rely on milk and milk products. However, most acclaimed yoga centers in India, sensibly arranges for kosher Vegan food for the vegan yogis.

Remaining aware of these five India-specific conditions will help you take decisions more effectively once you are in the yoga land this New Year.


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