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The birth of a baby can change the whole environment of the house. The baby will bring in joy and happiness to the parents as well as the people visiting the home. Thus, such a big event will call for great celebrations in the house. The party for a baby will be quite different from other parties.

party idea for new baby

Here are some tips to plan a welcoming party for a newborn baby –

Invitation –

As the party is thrown for a little angel, you can make the invitation card as kiddish as possible. Throw in fat little angels, cupids and cartoons. Make the card colourful and lively. As soon as a guest sees the card, he must know that the party is for a little one.

Guest list –

Keep the party small and private. The baby is still young and there are chances of infections and other complications. So, do not call in too many guests. Only near and dear ones will do. Also, be very careful while choosing the guests. You do not want discouraging and rude people who hate babies.

Venue –

It is best to hold the party in the house and in a simple manner. The baby is small; you cannot take it to far away venues. Plan the party inside the house. However, if you do not want food spilt everywhere, you can arrange the lunch outside in the garden.

Decoration –

The deco should be minimal and simple. Do not overdo anything. The host is a tiny creature that does not understand deco. There is no necessity to splurge on fancy items. Just a handful of balloons and glossy papers will do.

Theme –

You can have colour themes. The classic blue for boy baby and pink for girl baby will do. Have blue or pink balloons tied all over the place. Also, try avoiding sprinklers or crackers that may shock the baby.

Music –

The baby does not like noise, so it is better if you avoid heavy music. If you really want to have music in your party, just put in a cd of soft instrumentals on a low volume. No loud music or songs.

Cake –

Let the cake be themed as a baby. Instruct the cake delivery to be made on time.

Food –

The food should be simple and tasty. You can have vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. However, the baby is not going to eat the food, so in this department, you can choose according to your guests' taste.

Return gift –

For the guests, you can give away a small package of gifts related to babies as a thank you gift. The package might contain chocolates send new baby cake and other cute things.

Remember, welcome party for a baby is just to celebrate the arrival of the little package. It must be low key and simple party to introduce the child to the nearest circle of close friends and family. You can always celebrate the birthdays and other events in a grand way in the coming years.


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