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The urge to stay updated is necessary especially when it’s the matter of your profession where the risks are growing rapidly. Staying up-to-date is thus the need of the hour.  If you are wondering that technologies don’t really change drastically, then you are mistaken. Technology today is gaining visibility in approximately all sectors so staying up-to-date is important. In this post, we are informing you about one upgraded technological skill- Hadoop required by many big organizations. If you own a skilled certification in Hadoop 1 then it’s time to update yourself and get Hadoop certification 2.0.

Reasons to Learn Hadoop 2.0

These are the top 4 reasons why you should learn Hadoop 2:

#Hadoop 2 makes you Stay Up to Date

Being up-to-date will get you to achieve a different position in the eyes of your peers. Management’s trust on you will go up simultaneously & in no time you will achieve a great height in your career. You need not implement every new thing but conscious of the updates is imperative.

Many big & small organizations are thinking of migrating to Hadoop & an updated skill can surely make a huge difference to your career.

#2: Having a Competitive Edge

Professionals who are skilled in their fields are looked up to by their peers. Staying up-to-date is the best way to be on top. By developing expertise in your job and your industry, you’ll earn the trust and respect of the people around you.

No matter if your organization is still working with Hadoop 1.0. When you know the latest Hadoop 2 features, you are definitely better. Being the first one to learn this skill would give you an edge over your peers as well as on your competitors.

#3: New Opportunities

As our current role keeps on changing, we come across with added responsibilities and opportunities to do new tasks. By staying up-to-date on industry trends you’re in the best position to seize these opportunities.

Companies like Oracle, Yahoo!, American Express, BlueHawk, Aetna, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and many more are looking for people skilled in the latest features of Hadoop 2, like YARN. So it’s time to show them up your Yarn skills!

#4: Make Better Decisions

The extra information will allow you to make informed choices and better decisions. It will further help you to achieve your organization goals effectively. Hadoop 2 has features that enhance speed as well as cut down on the cost. Here are some features of Hadoop 2 that will benefit the organization as well as boost your career growth:

  • Support for running Hadoop on Microsoft Windows
  • Simplified distribution of MapReduce binaries via HDFS in YARN Distributed Cache.
  • Complete HTTPS support in HDFS
  • Enhanced support for new applications on YARN with Application History Server and Application Timeline Server
  • Kerberos integration for YARN’s timeline store.
  • Support for Heterogeneous Storage hierarchy in HDFS.
  • In-memory cache for HDFS data with centralized administration and management.

So it is concluded that there are more than just practical reasons for staying updated to Hadoop skills. Hadoop has numerous features that are advantageous to organizations. Taking an in-depth look at them will give you a clear picture of its importance.If you are looking to learn Hadoop 2 skills, it is better to get yourself enroll in a good online Certification provider educational firm.Learnoais one such most trusted online learning company with a network of a number of satisfied learners spread across the globe. Grab an extra 50% off on program fee on booking your seat now!


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