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Happy New Year

It is the charm of New Year that we want to celebrate even though one more precious year of our life is getting over. It’s sad to accept that with the advent of New Year global warming, rental price etc. would undoubtedly increase but these aren’t going to stop us from celebrating the joy of New Year. We can look this celebration as the escape from the misery of monotonous daily life. Hence, it is my conscious effort to spend the first day of coming year with joy and love.

Helloshiva-Happy New year 2016

What exactly I would be doing to celebrate New Year.

This question has been pondering in my head for a long time and lucky on the eve of New Year I have come with a perfect plan as per my need. 

Star Wars

The first thing high up in my list is the recent sci-fi Star Wars. I have already watched it twice but isn’t is better to start your New Year with something as awesome as Star Wars. I can’t go for whole Star Wars marathon but recent Star Wars is certainly one thing I would definitely be doing.

New Year resolution

This is the usual thing which everyone is doing but hardly anyone is doing it correctly, 'The New Year resolution'. I would be putting down my fantasies and dreams that I’m really eager to materialize. Also, I would look into my last year resolution and would do an audit and prepare a small audit report. It seems as a clerical work but believe me, it’s interesting. Looking into old resolution would fill you with déjà vu and the nostalgia would grip you firmly, ultimate emotional feeling on New Year.
No Smart Phone. 

I think this is the smartest idea I have come up. Smartphones have really interrupted our enjoyment. Smart Phone does not understand the difference between 'dear friends' and 'just friends'. Certainly it helps up to connect to 6000 'just friends' but at the same time keep us apart from our near and dear ones even if they are in close proximity. So this year no Facebook status and message and no WhatsApp for New Year celebration. To 'just friends' even Belated happy new year is also sweet.

Generate your own Facebook.

No, I’m not talking about Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook but the one photo journal I would be making for my last year memories. It would be the combination of photos, memories of joys and sorrows accounts of victories and losses and comments from near and dear friends. Believe me, it is more fun and emotional than virtual Facebook.
So I have packed up my New Year schedule, have you?
If not, guys what are you waiting for? It is New Year. Have fun and enjoy it as if there is no tomorrow.


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