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Pregnancy is the time where mother have to take care proper care of herself so that she remains fit and fine during the entire period of pregnancy. Changes occurs in body during this period and some of them are facing problems of vomiting, swelling or allergies in the body. There are couples of tips which is provided to them during the stage of pregnancy.so that women will not come across with any kind of problem in this period.Some of them are listed below: –


Important Tips in pregnancy period

Eating well during the stage of pregnancy will help you to provide more energy which will make you active throughout the day.PregnantWomen are provided with some eating tips by the best gynecologists in thane who will take care of their needs in better way. When you are pregnant the first thing that should come in your mind is that you need to have a healthy pregnancy and you would need the expert guidance of a gynecologist. He or she will be able to guide you better and help you to achieve what you are looking for.

Tips for Pregnant women will include

  • Have proper breakfast in time- It is important for the women that they should take their breakfast on time. Those who are having the problem of vomiting can start up with light meal ignoring fried food in the morning.
  • Better go for health snacks- It is important for women that they should go for healthy snacks which will include fat free yogurt which should be taken with fruits along with fat free whole grain crackers
  • Eat fiber rich food- Women should go for fiber rich food, as they mostly face with the problem of constipation during this stage. By using fiber rich food, it will help you to clear your stomach without facing any kind of problem.
  • Intake of iron-rich diet-  Women should move for iron rich diet during this period as it will help to keep your blood healthy during this period. Women should go for spinach which is the main source of iron and will prove fruitful to the body.
  • Avoid using fried food– it is better for women that they should avoid using fried food which is difficult to digest during this period as digestion process during this period is slow.
  • Drink plenty of water- It is instructed to women by best obstetrician in thane that women should drink plenty of water during this period as it helps in digestion process easily. They should move for liquid diet rather than moving for solid diet.
  • Adequate sleep– This is also one of the important tips of pregnancy where women should rest more which makes them feel active during the day.
  • Workout and yoga- Women should also move for workouts or yoga in this period as it will maintain your body and makes you feel better during the entire period.
  • Go for fruits – it is also important for women that they should intake fruits in large quantity who are facing the problem of vomiting. Fruits helps to digest easily along with providing energy to the body.

Thus, these are the main tips which are imparted by the doctors to their patients so that they will not come across with any type of problem in this period.


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