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Be it a car or a bike, you can get all forms of required information only with the help of number plate only. There are cases when we do not have any other detail other than the number plate. It may be a situation like a second hand car purchase, a chase of a car or hit and run case. In such situations, you hardly have more than the car number. But that is enough to get the details about the car easily and elaborately.

You will be able to identify each and every factor related to car and bike information just with the help of the registered number of the car or bike.

How is it possible to get a bike or car information from the registered number?

In India, it is compulsory to get the registration done for every new car on road. According to the Government of India, you cannot run or drive a car or bike on road without or before the registration.

Once a new vehicle is registered, a new number plate is assigned to the car or bike. Vehicle registration for a two-wheeler or four-wheeler is very similar to having Aadhaar Card number assigned to any individual. This is a unique identification number which helps to identify a particular car on road. While doing this registration, every detail of the car and owner need to be enlisted, so that, only with the help of the vehicle number, all car information or bike information can be delivered to the searcher.

The registration process is done under the Regional Transport Office (RTO), an Indian Government bureau responsible for the registration of vehicles. They issue driving licenses and vehicle registration cards and hence they have all car and bike information. You will find RTO office in every state of India and in major districts also.

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Just because, the owners of the car register all bike and car information under RTO, it is possible to get those data and information even in the later stage.

What bike or car information can be obtained from the number plate?

Every information that is related to car or bike or owner of the vehicle can be obtained from the registered number. Those are:

  • Full Name of the Owner
  • Registration Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Vehicle Color
  • Manufacturer Details
  • Model Details

The car information or details of the owners are required during registration, so that, the car or owner can be tracked if they indulge in any illegal activity.

How will you get the bike or car information from number plate?

There are many ways to get detailed information of the car or bike or its owner. The most common procedure is through RTO website.

Step 1: Visit the official RTO website

Step 2: Click on “RC/DL STATUS”

Step 3: Enter the Registration number and Verification code (captcha)

Step 4: Click on “Check Status”

Then, you will be able to get all the details including owner name, registration date and city, vehicle model etc.

However, there are many other ways to get info. Many websites now give the opportunity to get the vehicle history. Sometimes, it is not enough to get the numerical details of car or bike or about the owner. So, now it is also possible to get some extra information about a car just with the help of the number plate.

Step 1: Enter valid registration number

By following just one step, you can get vehicle information along with vehicle history, such as:

  • Accident claim history
  • Insurance history
  • Flood damage history
  • Loan history
  • Theft history
  • Service Logs history
  • Registration details

Generally, all these car or bike information is not required, but in case of a used car purchase or illegal activities, all the vehicle information will be mandatory and beneficial.


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