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With the growing technology, the world of scholarship scheme has come little closer to us. When talked about education, technology has played a vital role to generate awareness and information among the students as well as their guardians. The world of scholarships was not much familiar till now and the students even who deserved them were not aware of the maximum scholarships which were available for them whether it was merit-based, means-based or talent-based.

A concern to promote education:

With the growing scholarship portals, people are much aware of the facilities which their children can get through any online scholarship. One of the most popular among these scholarship portals is Buddy4Study which has reached a landmark in last few years with more than 3500 scholarships in its database. Buddy4Study has now launched a mobile app to unleash the world of merit scholarships to their deserving candidates. This mobile app can be easily downloaded through any android smartphone. Go to the Google Play store search for Buddy4Study scholarship app and click on install button or follow this link http://bit.ly/2xiCI2e . Once the app is installed, immense opportunities displaying variety of merit scholarships which are available on a single platform. 

Finding the Best Fit scholarships:

A Plenty of merit scholarships can be searched through this app by entering some mandatory details and scholarships of various categories such as; Government scholarships (center or state), scholarships for women, for disabled children can be searched through this mobile app as and when you want. Many national and international merit scholarships can be reached in just one touch. Through this mobile app, students can not only check for the scholarships but they can see each and every detail regarding that scholarship program. How to apply, eligibility criteria, organization or the provider of the scholarship and what are the terms and conditions regarding a particular scholarship, all these details will be easily available on your phone with the help of this mobile app. If users are registered on the Buddy4Study portal, they will also receive regular updates matching to their profile which has been entered by them. Scholarship check was never as easy as it is made today.

Why Mobile App?

It was noticed that most of the students or their guardians were not aware of the merit scholarships even after all the information was provided on the website portal, therefore, the process has been made easier for them by bringing this mobile app. Now the control is directly in the hands of students with regular updates and opportunities which will definitely help them to explore more and more scholarships which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

To get more information regarding Buddy4Study and the types of merit scholarships available on it, click on this link; http://bit.ly/2xiCI2e. Go for it, the world of scholarships is waiting for its candidates.


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