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Games are the best at passing time and getting by. But today some games are even considered a sporting spectacle, with tournaments being held even on international levels. Malaysia game developers are now facing a demand by the public for home grown games that feature our nation and culture. After all, if many other countries in the world can do it, why not us?


Smartphones have helped made more games accessible. While old phones may have brick or snake games, in today’s time, games for mobile phones cover many genres including RPG, FPS, and tower defense. Such games have graphics that fall on both the low-end and high quality spectrum. Gameplay have utilized the phones’ touch screens to create a flexible user-interface. Game developers in Malaysia are more than aware of the need for coming up our very own production that could step up the game locally and expand into international waters.

Some of the challenges that are faced when it comes to game development particularly are caused by monetary reasons. Whether it is a lack of funding or a inadequate budget management, game development in Malaysia requires a substantial amount of financial support in order to make progress. Many efforts have been taken to promote the industry and to discover the latest ideas and innovation through various competitions, kick-start programs, and educational courses.

WaterWally game

Once these obstacles are addressed properly, the gaming industry in Malaysia will see a boost in production and, with the proper marketing approach, a growth in support from financiers and users alike. The local multimedia industry has grown substantially within the past decade with many Malaysian companies established to cater for home grown demand and the gaming industry is showing great promise for the near future.



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