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A man was eating some meat inside his home. Someone announced on public addressing system of a village temple that in someone is eating beef in that house. Angry mob gather near that person house and kill him and seriously injure his son. If you are not from India you will find it difficult to accept the fact that such thing could happen in real life. Someone can lose his life on suspicion of eating beef. And if you are Indian you can understand the role played by beef in polarizing the religious sentiment of common people. Beef is one such topic which is filled with ironies. Those who fight for animal rights and promote PETA start liking beef and openly admit how much they want to eat beef and why other also much taste such delicious item. On the other hand one who likes wearing expensive leather boots and animal fur or like to sacrifice animal for some auspicious purpose suddenly find true love in cows and can go any length just to protect its animal right. Beef for most of the Indian is on discussion menu, hardly on a restaurant menu.

Cow not beef
It cannot be contested that cow is not just another animal for Hindus. Not just killing off a cow is prohibited but Hindus worship it as a mother. So it’s natural that religious quotient be high while discussing beef. But nothing can justify killing a person on suspicion of eating beef. It is hard to believe that such killing is the result of a sudden rush of adrenaline. This case is more than the sudden outburst of anger against person eating beef. One should look the environment in which such heinous crime are committed with little fear of law and order.

Beef the staple food of Indian politics

It is not incorrect to say that Beef is the staple food of Indian politics. People use this opportunity to revive their political career (not pointing towards Rahul or Kejriwal) or to get more loyal vote bank (not pointing towards BJP) or to distract public sentiments against miss-governance (not pointing towards Akhilesh Yadav). It's cannot be denied that most of the Muslims also avoid killing cows, but the political environment has projected Indian community into two parts one who worship cow aka Hindu extremist and one who worship beef aka SECULAR. Hindus who want to prove their secular credentials also starts liking beef. It is secularism which has killed the most cows.


All *** must die

In danger either way

Depending on state demographygovernment must take the decision on the ban on beef, keeping in view to not to hurt the religious belief of people. But at that same time nothing justify killing a person on suspicion of eating beef. No civilized society can tolerate such inhumane act.

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