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A career in the marine and shipping industry is so advanced and becoming a great choice for individuals. The shipping industry offers many diverse and exciting career paths. Huge scope and opportunities increases the interest of candidates towards making their career in Shipping and marine Industry. This industry contributes a lot in Indian economy. Among 70 to 90% trade is done through sea route which increases the need for professional and skilled candidates in this area. As, the growth and scope increase worldwide, demand of the candidates for shipping jobs is also on rise.

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Education Requirement to enter in this field:

The education requirement for making career in shipping management may vary according to the different posts. A candidate needs to obtain a bachelor degree or diploma and to the post of Manager, one also needs to clear post-graduation degree. Common courses in a 1- or 2-year certificate or associate's program that will help prepare you for a career as a shipping manager include records and information management, shipping and receiving, computer applications, office administration, and business communication.

The entrance exams like MAT/CAT/XAT/ATMA etc. are necessary to take admission in shipping management.

A designation which one can get in this industry:

Working on a sea-going vessel is exciting. The list of a career path in shipping is extensive and offers better future growth.

  1. General Crew: they are responsible for the cargo and deck areas and ensure to deliver the best possible services to passengers. They handle many activities including cargo operations, navigation, berthing and un-berthing operations, ship maintenance and general servicing of all vessel deck equipment, utilities, and deck machinery.
  2. Marine Engineer: Engineers design and oversee testing, installing, repairing. They conduct Operational or performance studies in order to develop designs product such as Marines engines, structure and other equipment’s.
  3. Desk-Officer: These people give the safety instructions to passengers and other members. They design, implement the passage plan, managing navigational watch, monitoring of vessel’s position via location instruments such as electronic charts and radar. Once at port, deck officers are responsible for the orderly flow of cargo from the vessel to dock.
  4. Marine Cook: They are responsible for preparing the meal for the staff, passengers etc. They also take orders set the budgets and many more things needed.
  5. Steward: Primarily found on long-haul vessels, responsible for crew accommodations and assisting the marine cook. Usually, the steward holds a safety and or medical training certificate.

These are some designation which one can get in the shipping and marine industry. It is very important to choose right kind of job that suits one’s suitability and education. One can easily find the right marine requirement on the internet.  There are many benefits to getting a marine recruitment, one can explore the world and can get the travel opportunities.

Shipping jobs also pertaining to IT engineers and technologists are also on the rise, with the increasing usage of Information and technology in the marine industry. This gives the major benefits to IT people.

Shipping industry offers plenty of choices, huge scope, and higher wage and a better future growth.

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