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Have you ever traveled anywhere and been like what’s going on this place is weird. Well you’re definitely not alone. In fact there are stories out there that people shave shared about the weird things they have experienced while travelling.

Here are some of the weirdest things people have encountered while travelling:

  • Surrounded by crocodiles

In the February of 2018, three British backpackers found themselves in a nightmare-like situation which became one of the strangest encounters of their lives. They were travelling in an old camper van through Australian outback when they stopped for an overnight stay in Northern Queensbury.

In the night a flash flood occurred and the waters were infested with huge crocodiles. One of the famous crocodiles in the area was known to be of size 4 &1/2 meters long. As the water poured into their van, they climbed on the rooftop and did not take the risk of swimming. The next morning they were rescued by the locals.

  • Luggage thieves

Once, travellers in Paris encountered a crafty pair of luggage thieves, who had discovered a unique way to steal the contents of their suitcases. One thief would climb inside the suitcase and the other would place the suitcase inside a bus luggage compartment and then just casually takes a seat.  It is also advisable to hire a travel agent to avoid this situation since they guide you well and you can easily hire travel agent through various sites like Makemytrip, Goibibo etc. and you can also use some coupons before booking like Make My Trip Coupon Code to get great discount

While the unsuspecting travellers rode the bus the thief inside the suitcase would climb out and open everyone’s luggage stealing what he could and then get back to the suitcase which was rigged to lock and open from the inside.  Then at the next stop his accomplice would simply walk off carrying his partner concealed inside the luggage without a single person having any knowledge. The travellers were of course shocked when the bus driver noticed that one of the pieces of luggage was wriggling around in the luggage compartment. Later, both the men went to jail though.

  • The other you

Many cultures have stories about doppelgangers people who look exactly like each other. Some of these stories have supernatural aspects to them but not in the case of Neel Douglass’s when he encounter with the man that looked exactly like him. Neel was travelling from London to Ireland and when he boarded his plane he found a man sitting in a seat and when he asked him to move they looked at each other and were completely dumbfounded. They looked exactly like each other even down to the clothes that they were wearing like twins and to the surprise they out they were also booked the same hotel in Ireland.

  • Man’s best friend

In 201 Marco Lavoie was 44 and was enjoy travelling to remote areas and hiking into wilderness. One day he was confronted by a charging bear and the encounter led him into darker territory that he could possibly imagine. When Marco disappeared for three months, the rescue team lost all hope that he was still alive. The last that anyone knew about him was that he was with his dog out in the Canadian country on a hiking trip. It turns out that dog had saved his life twice. First it got between Marco and the bear that attacked protecting its master and the second when Marco was found starving and malnourished when he was finally rescued with dog. The dog was nowhere to been seen after that.

  • Wrong place, wrong time

In 2017 two motorists from New York were travelling through a wooded mountain range in West Virginia and encountered a tragic and horrific sight. As they were enjoying the incredible scenery and clam when they turned a corner and saw a car had crashed against a guardrail and it was sitting in the middle of the road. Before the motorist could assist they watched in utter horror as the driver of the car, a woman named Erica Newsome pulled the body from the car and then disappeared into the woods. When this was reported to the police they discovered that Erica had actually driven from Florida with the body of her dead daughter in the car who had passed away 24 hours earlier and the case remains active.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the weirdest things travellers have witnessed while travelling. Some are funny, inspirational while others are sad and horrific and scary. But, they all make a great travel story worth sharing with other people. Additionally if you are looking for travel advisor job then it could be best chance to try it.


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