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Company Offer Registration In Hong Kong –

Hong Kong online company registration offers online Company Registration in Hong Kong.  Stephan M.S Lai & Co. CPA offer both type of online company register services like private  and public company Registry of Hong Kong.

There is a Companies Registry which maintains the records of public & private companies  of Hong Kong. The Registry contain list of Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong organizations, de-registers old organizations established well before the implementation of the act and provides the common mass with offices for acquiring the company information kept by the Registry. Stephan M.S Lai & Co. CPA is an active member of organisations and has made an important contribution for the preparation of various laws like the Registered Trustees Incorporation Ordinance, Trustee Ordinance and  the Limited Partnerships Ordinance.

Private Company registry hong kong


They also help their clients to prepare drafts for obtaining licenses from the government authorities and also loans from local Hong Kong and international banks. They also help up in setting various offshore accounts with company registration Hong Kong.

They also offer Hong Kong online company registration along with  the connections with many off shore banks. Hence the clients can open their bank accounts in any bank they want to. The methodology of doing this by sitting down with the client and accounting for all his requirements, checking the permission required and then arriving at a consensus as to partner with which bank partner. Hence the client is rest assured of getting his permission completely hassle free.

Private Company registration

For operating as a Private entitled company in Hong Kong it's imperative to be registered in the private company Registry of Hong Kong. The Private Business Licence is issued by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong. The unique feature of registering as a Private Company in Hong Kong as are follows:

1. Confidential nature of registration

2. Not too much interference from the government

3. Separate legal entity.

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