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When do we search for a mechanic?

  • When the vehicle breaks down
  • When your vehicle needs to get repaired
  • When you want a revamp or modification of your vehicle

These are some of the most obvious situations when you wish to look for a mechanic. But have you ever called a mechanic for vehicle inspection?

Think out of the box and look towards more innovation! A mechanic is no longer involved in cliché duties. Nowadays, people more often search for a bike mechanic near me online from the comfort of their homes, when they face any issue with their bikes.

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Ownership Transfer

If you know a bike person, you will be very well aware of the affection shared by the person with his/her bike. The bike is the finest reflection of their passion and a ride on it gives them the utmost peace. A person like that will always know the value of the bike belongs to him/her and when it will come to the ownership transfer, he/she will put his heart into it. Afterall, he/she is transferring the ownership of their favorite element, so they will not let anyone to put a finger to their vehicle.

The best way to deal with such situation will be to present a clean, clear and transparent report of the used bike to the buyer. A buyer is completely unaware of your bike or car; but when he/she is purchasing it, they must receive each and every detail about it. This report will reveal what the vehicle has faced before and what is the real-time condition of it. This not only creates awareness about the vehicle, but also increases the transparency between buyers and sellers.

What is the role of mechanic in ownership transfer?

When you decide to sell your bike or car or transfer the ownership, a mechanic needs to be consulted. A car mechanic will inspect your car thoroughly and will check under the hood, exterior, interior, engine, transmission, axles and exhaust and will come up with visual and functional assessment. However, if you want to sell your bike, you need to look for a bike mechanic near me and can expect to check tires and wheels, L-lights and Electrics, vehicle C-Controls and bike stand as well.

A buyer will not be satisfied with your statement on the used bike. But a clear report given by a mechanic will surely help him/her to understand and evaluate the offer given by you. If the buyer has a doubt whether the odometer has been rolled in a reverse direction wrongly, then a car mechanic report will surely clear all his/her doubts.

You, as a seller, will surely not want the buyer to remain in darkness. Then, what is the problem of consulting a mechanic? If a buyer brings his/her own mechanic, you should not be worried about. In fact, you should get the inspection report beforehand and present it to the buyer.

What should be included in an inspection report?

A car or a bike mechanic should come up with a detailed report by evaluating the key observations and parameters, such as accidental history or number of accidents, no. of owners, vehicle age, flood damage, dents, insurance, RC, bank hypothecation etc.

After evaluation, the best inspection report, ECO will provide a score based on different segments, like car inspection includes interior, wheel, test drive, exterior, hood; and for bike inspection includes tire, control, light, oil, chassis, stand.

Thus, it is necessary for both buyer and seller to opt for a car inspection or bike inspection near me, for the convenience, each time they take the decision of selling or buying a used car or bike.


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