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On the off chance that that history interests you, land in Patna on your journey. Patna has an out of date feel to it that is difficult to miss. It is the best town in Bihar and what makes it much more extraordinary is that it is over 3000 years of age. Amid the brilliant ages, the city was extensively referred to as Pataliputra and it served as capital of Magadha kingdom. Ruled by different domains, the zone mirrors the impacts of changed society and way of life. Book your tickets on one of the Delhi to Patna flights and come here to have a wonderful time near the history. 


It stands affirmation of the social brightness of old Pataliputra. Discovered 5 kms a long way from Patna, Kumrahar gives you a learning into the generally rich Patna. The site now contains archeological stays of Mauryan imperial living arrangement. Unearthings coordinated at Kumrahar some place around 1912 and 1915 passed on to light Mauryan pillared passageway. The unearthings have additionally revealed more segments and now the site is called as 'Eighty Pillared Hall'. You could see out of date embellishments, copper coins, earthenware spots, stone touches, toy trucks, utensils and some more. The collectibles and photographs at the site give you a comprehension into the social plenitude of the old fashioned casing. 



A fine case of the auxiliary nature of the range. John Garstin collected Golghar in the year 1786 to use as a storehouse to store grain when starvation hit the city. The designing bears likeness of the Stupa style. 125 meters wide and 3.60 meters thin, the storage facility has dares to lead you to the top. The point of view from the top is amazing as ought to be clear the superb Ganges gushing underneath. Golghar in like manner had the pride of being the tallest working in Patna around then. Notwithstanding the way that attempted to store grains, Golghar was never used to as far as possible. 


Patna Museum:

Located at focus of the city, Patna Museum is sure to make your mind go to the out of date times. It was inherent the year 1917 and it is the most settled display in the city. Effects of Mughal and Rajput style of building are clear in the advancement of the verifiable focus. Both the floors of the chronicled focuses are given to displays including Stone Sculpture Gallery, Natural History Gallery, Orissa Stone Sculpture, India Stone Art Tradition and Buddha Relic Gallery. 

Patna Museum

Agam Kuan:

Alluded to as 'inconceivable well', Agam Kuan is seen as the most old and basic archeological site in Patna. Constructed in the midst of the season of Ashoka, the Mauryan ruler, Agam Kuan has various legends associated with it. With a significance of 105 ft and outskirt of more than 20 feet, the well was created by Ashoka to torment people. It is also assumed that it was the spot sovereign Ashoka had his 99 kin choked to death to get the honored position. However another legend goes that a Jain Monk by name Sudarshana was seen drifting on a lotus at first look after he was hurled in the well by master Chand. Agam Kuan now has the tag of being promising with unlimited powers. 

Agam Kuan

Guest places in Patna may make you feel that you are in an other world out and out. Simply continue checking your PNR status online to check whether your Delhi to Patna trains tickets have been affirmed.


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