The Greta Thunberg

Not long back I was also a Greta but not The Greta Thunberg. An idealist gathering problem statement from different sources (it was pre internet era in suburban India). I used to read science journals, news paper and observing the environment around. This made me activist from the core looking for the utopian solutions. Fast […]

How to Find Bike Mechanic Near Me for Used Vehicle Inspection?

When do we search for a mechanic? When the vehicle breaks down When your vehicle needs to get repaired When you want a revamp or modification of your vehicle These are some of the most obvious situations when you wish to look for a mechanic. But have you ever called a mechanic for vehicle inspection? […]
on September 24, 2019
Hairfall Helloshiva

Looking for Permanent Solution for Hairfall

This article is very helpful for all the people who are suffering from a problem of Hairfall. Hair Fall is the vast growing problem among male and female both. Hair Fall is the problem of the disappearance of hairline due to genetic factors, lifestyle changes, bad food habits, and pollution. Lots of people are searching […]
on September 10, 2019